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gogreen diapers about us

Launched in late 2010, GoGreen Diapers is a young company seeking to transform the world of cloth diapering through innovative, scientifically developed product designs. Company founder, Leah, is the proud (make that frazzled) mom to three young boys. Her first two children were born while she was still completing her graduate work towards a doctorate degree in Neuroscience. After Leah completed her Ph.D. in Neuroscience, she and her children relocated to Boulder, Colorado, where she welcomed her third child. With three young children, all still in diapers, and while living in one of the “greenest” communities in the country, it became clear that disposable diapers were no longer going to cut it - financially nor in terms of environmental impact.

Leah and her children eagerly embarked on a cloth-diapering journey and quickly became fluff-addicted themselves. Using the collective experience from her years of education in science and engineering, Leah addressed the functional problems common to most cloth diaper designs head-on, and developed the GoGreen Diapers Champ® cloth diaper, exclusive Adapt-a-Snap™ diaper closure conversion system, and revolutionary ammonia-inhibiting laundry additive No-mmonia. GoGreen Diapers was born!