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What does your warranty cover?

We want you to feel confident with your decision to purchase our diapers.  If you ever have any problems with your products, do not hesitate to contact customer service.

-Workmanship Defects - 90 Days-
Workmanship defects are defined as significant problems that render the diaper unusable.  This includes broken snaps, fleece pilling, PUL delamination (the waterproof layer peels away from the cloth), and sewing errors.

Does not cover:

-Normal Wear and Tear-
Diapers with loose top stitching, elastic that has lost its elasticity, snags, or minor fabric flaws will not be replaced.  This is considered normal wear and tear.

The majority of leaks can be addressed through proper usage, washing, and care.  We are more than happy to help you troubleshoot any leaks you may experience.  Diapers that leak (other than due to PUL delamination) will not be covered by our warranty.

Our diapers feature an exclusive color-coded snap system fitting babies 6 - 45 pounds.  All diapers should be tried on for size before washing and use.  We cannot accept returns for used products that do not fit.

My diaper is still under warranty.  How do I make a claim?
Please contact customer service to obtain a return authorization.  Upon receipt and inspection of your defective goods you will be issued a credit or refund.  All warranty claims must be filed by accompanied by proof of purchase.

My diapers leak!  What should I do?
All cloth and disposable diapers will leak if they are used incorrectly.  It is extremely rare that there is a problem with the PUL lining, rather moisture is most likely escaping around the legs or waist.

Leaky Diapers are caused by:

-Improper Fit-
Please check diapers for fit before use.  The leg gussets should be snug around your baby’s legs without causing red marks.  Be sure that the liner is tucked inside the diaper otherwise it can serve as a wick for moisture to escape.  Snap the lower waist snaps first to ensure a proper tummy fit.

-Improper Laundering-
Please see our Washing and Care section for information on how to wash your diapers.  Residue buildup can lower diaper absorbency while exposure to harsh chemicals and excessive heat can cause the PUL to deteriorate.

-Residue Buildup / Repelling-
One of the most common issues facing cloth diaper users is the buildup of residue on the fleece lining of the diapers.  Residue has many sources including scents, dyes, colors and other detergent additives.  Eventually, this residue will coat the fleece lining of the diapers and inserts significantly reducing diaper absorbency.  If the moisture cannot be absorbed by the insert and/or fleece lining, it will leak around the sides of the PUL.

-Saturated / Compressed Inserts-
All diapers (including disposables) will leak if the absorbent material on the inside of the diaper becomes fully saturated.  Compression of the insert can reduce absorbency (like squeezing a sponge).

-Infrequent Changing-
All diapers (including disposables) will eventually leak if your child goes a long time between diaper changes.

How fast do you ship?
All order received Monday - Saturday before 4:00 MST ship that day (excluding postal holdiays).

Privacy & Security
We take the security of your purchase and privacy very seriously.  We use best-in-class fraud prevention tools so you can shop assured your credit card is safe.  Additionally, we will never sell your data to third parties!

Sorry, we do not accept returns or warranty claims on clearance items.

Further Questions
Please contact us or email